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  • Doctor Who - Daleks Exterminate Coffee Mug
  • Doctor Who - Eleventh Doctor & Amy Pond Mug.
  • Doctor Who character coasters (set of 4) featuring the Eleventh Doctor and Amy. Protect your furniture and floor with these cool cork-backed coasters!Contains 1 each of 4 designs:
      • 11th Doctor Matt Smith
      • Amy Pond
      • TARDIS
  • The famous TARDIS starts in London, resting calmly on a city street until you add hot liquids (such as tea or coffee) and then, like magic, the TARDIS disappears and reappears on the other side of your mug travelling through deep space. The Heat Changing TARDIS Mug reminds you that even a simple drink can begin an adventure. Heat Changing TARDIS Mug
    • A Doctor Who mug full of wonder and temporal-bending-sub-atomic-magic-um-stuff.
    • The TARDIS sits calmly on a London street until you add hot liquids; then it disappears and reappears on the other side of the mug - in outer space.
    • Mug holds 12oz of delicious liquids.
    • Hand wash only. Your dishwasher will melt the design off.
    • Dimensions: approx. 3.75" diameter x 3.75" tall
  • Doctor Who K-9 & Cyberman Cookie Cutters. Cook your Doctor Who fans some Cookies! Pack of 2 (1 of each design) Includes characters: K-9 and Cyberman. Each cookie cutter has an easy release mechanism. Cyberman 7cm x 7cm. K-9 6.5cm x 10cm
  • Doctor Who - Seventh Doctor "Judge A Man by the Quality of his Enemies" Quote Boxed Mug. Doctor Who coffee mug featuring Sylvester McCoy, the Seventh Doctor with quote: "You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies!"
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    The essential kitchen tool for the Pizza lover and die hard Doctor Who fan. This awesome Pizza Cutter is modeled on the infamous Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver. The sounds of the Sonic Screwdriver will be heard when you press the blade through your pizza!
  • An epic battle across space and time can now take place over your dining table with this Tardis vs. Dalek Egg Cup set! Who will you choose to kick off your morning? The trusty Tardis or the dastardly Dalek! We all know Daleks failed to hatch properly... Eggsterminate. A must have for every Doctor Who fan.
  • Create your own style in the Kitchen with this Doctor Who Tardis Apron.
  • Look super stylish and make all your Doctor Who surrounding fans envy your new Tardis Backpack! Whether you use it for school, uni or just as a recreational carrier of your awesome things, then this is the bag for you! The perfect gift for the Doctor Who fan in your life!
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    If you're heading to the beach or hanging by the pool this Summer, this Doctor Who - Tardis Beach Towel is for you. 150 x 75cm
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    This set of 8 ceramic drink coasters will look fantastic on your table at your next function or dinner party, featuring a non-slip base for stability, they all align together to reveal the full front of the Doctor's Tardis, minus the time travelling abilities! What a great housewarming gift for any Doctor Who fan! Watch their face light up as they recognise the familiar markings on each coaster and bring them together just like a jigsaw to reveal the bigger picture!
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    When it comes to cookie jars, it really would be nice to have something that is bigger on the inside. It will seem that way when you store your biscuits in this awesome Doctor Who TARDIS Ceramic Cookie Jar. It’s a replica of the Doctor’s TARDIS that holds biscuits, not Timelords. This ceramic TARDIS cookie jar features a rubber seal around the lid to keep your biscuits fresher for longer.
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    Grab the keys and let the TARDIS light your way. L.E.D. Light-up Tardis Keychain!
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    Doctor Who TARDIS ceramic mug with lid. Take your tea or coffee break in Time Lord style! This ceramic TARDIS is more than just a stylish reproduction of the Eleventh Doctor's Time And Relative Dimension In Space machine, it's a fully functional mug with a generous volume. The roof of the TARDIS is a lid for the mug, to help keep your drink warm and to complete the time-space ship when it's proudly displayed on your kitchen shelf. The TARDIS ceramic mug is not suitable for the dishwasher or microwave.
  • You'll show yourself as a true Doctor Who fan when you wear this clever and stylish Doctor Who tie! The Doctor Who TARDIS Tie is navy blue, 56 inches long with a 3-inch maximum width. The front features a detailed replica of the TARDIS time machine, with the words "Police Public Call Box," white windows and insets from the TV series! Product Specifications
    • Handmade and Officially Licensed Doctor Who Necktie
    • Keeper loop on back
    • Materials: 100% polyester (Dry clean only)
    • Dimensions: 56 1/2" long, 3 1/2" wide
  • Keep your noggin warm in Doctor Who style with the Doctor Who TARDIS Pom Beanie! This beanie is made to look like the top half of the TARDIS police box from the BBC TV show. The Doctor Who TARDIS Pom Beanie is one-size fits all.
  • Now you can get a Time And Relative Dimension In Space on your dinner table with these Doctor Who TARDIS Salt and Pepper shakers.
  • Is your teatime a little dull? Don't you wish you could be sipping tea aboard the TARDIS? You'll really think the TARDIS teapot is bigger on the inside! This ceramic rendition of the Doctor's sexy time machine holds around 4 cups of tea! The lid helps keep the heat from escaping, so you'll be able to enjoy your very British beverage for much longer. Officially Licensed Product. Product Specifications
    • For the Earth beverage known as tea
    • Lid helps keep the heat in so you don't have to reheat between cups
    • Material: Glazed lightweight ceramic
    • Holds approx. 750ml of your favorite tea
    • Love your teapot: Hand wash only, please
    • Note: The TARDIS Teapot is not meant to be used on a stovetop, dishwasher or microwave. It's great for office use, where you can fill it from the hot water dispenser and bring it back to your desk for brewing & drinking!
    • Dimensions: 7" x 7", including handle and spout
  • Where will you go with your TARDIS umbrella?
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    The Doctor and Amy meet River Song in 102 AD where it is clear that not all is right with the world. River shows the Doctor a painting by Vincent Van Gogh which shows the TARDIS exploding! Vincent Van Gogh's ominous warning to the Doctor from 'The Pandorica Opens' is now available on this awesome mug! A fantastic gift for the Doctor Who fan in your life, or a nice present to yourself.
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    Doctor Who - Twelfth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver (One Touch)
  • What time is it? It's time to stop blinking! This 10" lenticular wall clock features images of the weeping angels.
  • The Doctor's multipurpose tool is a Gallifreyan device, with numerous settings, easily controlled at the press of his thumb. The Doctor has had many sonic screwdrivers of different designs throughout his life. This is based on the 11th Dr Who's screwdriver It is an essential part of the Doctor's equipment as he explores the universe.