DC Comics Superman Egg Cup and Toast Cutter Superhero.

Breakfast like the ultimate superhero and be ready for anything with the Superman Egg Cup and Toast Cutter!

A great start to the day, this Superman themed egg cup means your ordinary Clark Kent egg soon dons his boots and cape (not to mention classic hair do) to become the ultimate comic book hero. The set also comes with an ‘S’ shield toast cutter and plastic spoon making it a great gift for budding superheroes.

Superman is the most popular and universally recognized comic book character of all time. First appearing in 1938, the character immediately became an icon of popular culture. Superman has featured in countless films, TV series, graphic novels and video games, including the 2016 blockbuster movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Hugely popular with comic book fans around the world, DC Comics is responsible for creating many of the best-loved characters in pop culture history, including Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman among others, as well as popular crime-fighting teams such as The Justice League and Suicide Squad.

The Superman Egg Cup is an officially licensed DC Comics product.


1 x Superman Egg Cup

1 x Superman Egg Topper

1 x Egg Spoon

1 x Superman Logo Toast Stamp

Handwash only. 3+ years. Avoid harsh abrasives when cleaning.