Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Washing Brush – Dr Who Washing and Cleaning Kitchen Tool w/ Handle – 7.5 Inch – The best dinner parties in the universe are usually followed by an aftermath of astronomical amounts of washing up, especially if you’ve allowed the likes of Davros or the Cybermen to join you as uninvited banquet guests. Now, thanks to the Sonic Washing Up Brush this talk will seem straightforward and effortless no matter how dirty your dishes, allowing you to concentrate on more important matters such as telling your visiting celestial villains that the festivities are over!
Washing brush design inspired by the Sonic Screwdriver as seen on Doctor Who
Perfect tool for the ultimate Dr Who fan!
Wash your dishes with this fun and functional cleaning brush
Measures about 7.5 inches long
This multi-functional kitchen gadget is dishwasher safe